Our new studmate Al Djahir :-)

19/07/2012 23:15

It started as an usual thursday day but at the end I decided to take Djahir from Slovakia to give hima good new home :-)

And there is a story of his life...

...young colt Al Djahir was born in Říčany near Prague at stables of Martin Hofman and at the age about 2 months was taken by new owner with his dam and all horses from Říčany to Slovakia. Unfortunately Djahir hadn´t enought space to show himself and enjoy the childhood on the pasture and that´s why he has the problem with hocks. And because of the problems owner wanted to sell him quickly or take him to the butcher (with his half brother Khan). It was a long journey of finding them both new owners and home. Khan had soon a new owner Petra Boudnikova but Djahir stayed there without any prospect of a better future. So one night I was thinking about his situation and because of some discussion on the web I decide to take him from Slovakia. So on one June´s friday we were driving to Slovakia to bring Djahir home. Even he is a young horse he walk calm to the trailer and stand all the way of 4 hours journey to his new home as an old matador.

Djahir is very gentle, nice young colt with great character. Unfortunately he was very timid, very affraid about anybody coming to his box with something in their hands. Djaho was standing in the corner and shaking with a great fear. But I work on his thrust and after two weeks he became much more confiding and without any marks of fear. Nothing is problem for him, he learns so quickly and he´s so inteligent as his father :-) So I hope I find new young sport horse for me :-)

And about his health problems:

- the problem with hocks are due to veterinary examinations only cosmetic problem. After all day out they are smaller and Djahir hasn´t got any problem with movements at all in all gaits.

- bigger problem is the left eye and the non threated infection and moon blindness in the eye so Djahir is blind on this eye with great damages inside the bulb. With cooperation of vet we get some improvement and the cornea was droped up so maybe Djahir see some shadows on the left eye now.

More informatiosn about Djahir you can find here
and this is a photogalery of his arrival Firts two days after Al Djahir´s arrival