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R.I.P. Djasman

20/05/2013 20:00
On 18th May I lost my soulmate, my love, my best friend, piece of my heart Djasman. He came from paddock and lie down and can´t stand up any more. He put his head onto my arms and my lap and look at me with his great eyes... Please remember him because he was perfect, he was the Best, the one of my...

Happy New Year 2013

31/12/2012 10:10

Website is just now in russian too

09/12/2012 16:56
Just now I start to translate my website to russian. Please the russian web is in progress now.

the D day :-)

09/12/2012 16:12
Today is happen the D day - my "little" colt Djahir was ridden for the first time. Džahir was free jumping yesterday but he shows us the series of gummy jumps between and under the jumps so I was so woory he is not so prepared for the riding yet- But today i had him on longe with saddle and he...

News September/October 2012

05/11/2012 10:19
First I would like to appologies for the long rest to the new actualisation of my website. But there were a lot of work around at new work so I was so busy all the time. So what´s the hottest news: What should I say about Djasman - he´s got some problems with teeth again so the vet check them...

My new job - Studfarm Napajedla a.s

09/08/2012 22:25
By 23rd July 2012 I had a new job :-) I got a opportunity to get a new job at studfarm Napajedla a.s. as a horsebreeding specialist. It a great job and opportunity that I like a lot. It ´s a hard work but horse here are so wonderful - great sires, excellent mares and foals. And my two boys...

New english website

09/08/2012 22:16
Just now I create english version of my websites. So please be carefull then all the section will be prepared :-)

Our new studmate Al Djahir :-)

19/07/2012 23:15
It started as an usual thursday day but at the end I decided to take Djahir from Slovakia to give hima good new home :-) And there is a story of his life... ...young colt Al Djahir was born in Říčany near Prague at stables of Martin Hofman and at the age about 2 months was taken by new owner...

News of June 2012

28/06/2012 23:06
Můj milovaný Džasmánek už má ted jen volno - začal občas pokulhávat na přední nožku a opět se rozhodl, že v těch vedrech nebude žrát a pohubl. Takže já dobrák jsem s ním kolikrát stála v boxe a přemlouvala ať pěkně žere, no nakonec se mi to povedlo. ALe taky by si chlapec mohl uvědomit, že už...

MVP Brno 23.6.2012

26/06/2012 09:57
Tak jak jsme se na výstavu těšili, tak jsme odjížděli mírně zklamaní. Nejdřív totální neinformovanost, takže jsme místo 9 začínali až před 10 a s rozhodčí už od začátku načuřenou. Bufiček byl docela spokojený,ale co mě první trklo, že nechtěl svoje oblíbené kokyno, to mě mělo trknout. Pak se...

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