About Us

I was born on 3rd March 1983 in Ostrava. Even noone in my family is a horselover I fell in love with horses in early years of my life. My first ride was on a little pony in circus when I was 6. And that was the start of my whole life love - HORSES :-)

My passion are Akhalteke horses and my first own akhalteke horse was mare Penelope. She is just now at my friend Edita but I never forget about her :-)

After a year I bought my soulmate Djasman, my lovely stallion, my friend and my horselove. Even he is a older man I love him so much and hope for many many lovely years together.

Unfortunately Djasman has gone on 18th May 2013. Hope he´s now on the great green meadows. I miss him so much, he was my soulmate.

And I can´t forgot my cairn terrier Bufon, who´s my cutest and happiest dog I´ve ever seen :-)

And just now I have another horse - rescued Al Djahir, Djasman´s 3y.o. son :-)